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Carpe Antiperspirant Hand And Feet

Deodorant | Recommended by: Michelle Goedken
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arpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Is A Unique Blend Of Active Ingredient (Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate At 15%) And Elements For Enhancing Foot Comfort – Ranging From Sweat-Absorbing Powders To Natural Eucalyptus Oil. Designed For The Sweatiest Feet, Carpe Foot Was Formulated To Go On Smooth (With Minimal Residue And No Irritation) And Noticeably Reduce The Sweatiness (And Therefore Smelliness) Of Your Feet Every Day. Sweaty Feet Aren't Just Smelly, They Can Also Lead To Blisters And Discomfort. Sweat Can Mean Your Shoes Don't Last As Long. Money Back Guarantee Through Company!

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